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Southern Maine Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Services

My weight loss blog

I have a weight loss blog I have just started. I’ve been losing weight steadily, and the plan is to develop a weight loss program based on the strategies that have worked for me. As a person who has been overweight most of my life, I think I am one of the most resistant losers imaginable. But I’m losing weight. I haven’t been this thin in many years.

It’s not about control. It’s not about will-power. It’s not about strict dieting or exercise programs. It’s about turning you into a person who thinks like a thin person, and therefore eats like a thin person. I will be posting as I am able. Next: Growing up plump.

Hypnosis for Food Aversions

I recently read that being a picky eater is now considered a disorder. The story got lots of comments from readers who exchanged stories about their various unusual food preferences, from outright refusal to eat certain or most foods to being unable to eat foods that have touched other foods on their plates.

Some of them mentioned having come from families that had numerous similarly picky eaters. My own ex-husband came from a family where the kids apparently modeled their likes and dislikes around the preferences of their father, disliking foods he had declared were inedible, without any of them ever having tried them. Others mentioned some incident from their childhood (or more recently) that turned them off to a specific food. Most said nothing about the origin of their eating habits.

Scientists have speculated that supertasters – people who taste everything much more strongly than non-supertasters do – have a natural aversion to strong flavors. I don’t know how well this has been tested, so I can’t comment on it. But I have known quite a few people who recall the original incident that led to them being averse to a certain food, and the incident may have had nothing to do with the specific food than that it was present at the time.

Of course, in times when famines were expected to happen periodically, being a picky eater who refused to eat many or most common foods might have led to death from starvation were those the only foods that were available for an extended period of time. Since this is a habit that would decrease the likelihood of survival, it is less likely that being a seriously picky eater is inherited than acquired. Only the wealthy could be sure to survive such a famine.

However, nowadays many people seem to take their highly restricted eating habits as a point of pride, which would indicate it is even more likely that the frequency of picky eaters is a reflection of food abundance in our times.

In any discussion of this with a fan of hypnosis who I chat with, he mentioned that he was a picky eater and found it very inconvenient, and would like to change so he would not feel so restricted when eating with other people. He did have quite a few aversions, and over a period of several telephone sessions we worked on them to desensitize him from them through the use of NLP. The interesting thing about it was that when we would concentrate on one aversion, he would start to have memories take him back to the original time he ate this and hated it. It did turn out that feeling powerless as a small child and being defiant to adults in his early life was clearly a factor in several of his aversions.

raspberry peach pie

I can’t say for sure he is going to eat or like the foods we worked on. It is perfectly normal to have foods you don’t like. But we got rid of any emotional or physical response to the idea of eating those foods. He is now able to think about eating those foods without feeling disgusted. I expect we will have a hypnosis session in the near future to tie up loose ends. Perhaps we will go out to eat and try those foods he didn’t used to like.

Are food aversions making things difficult for you? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can change in a session or two, and it will take hardly any effort on your part. Shoot me an email or IM, or click the button in the sidebar for a quick consultation.

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

So what is the deal with hypnotherapy? And what is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Actually, hypnotherapy can be the same as hypnosis. Or it can be different.

Some who call themselves hypnotists practice what some hypnotherapists call “hypnotherapy”, preferring to call it “change work” themselves. They consider that they don’t do “therapy” as would be defined by psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. They help people change their habitual behavior.

In some states, neither hypnosis nor hypnotherapy are defined. In other states, there is a legal difference between the two determined by the type and length of training that the hypnotist or hypnotherapist has received.

And there is of course a hypnotists’ guild, which permits full membership to those with extensive live training.

My definition? I always called myself a “hypnotist” until I took up stage hypnosis. Now I am beginning to differentiate between the two, so that there isn’t confusion as to whether I am doing entertainment or therapeutic change work.

Stop smoking = hypnotherapy. Comedy hypnosis = clearly not therapy. And of course, there is always overlap. So the definitions will never be fixed and clear-cut. Most self-help recordings are hypnotherapy.

Stage Hypnosis in Southern Maine

Just a note: Now I do stage hypnosis in Southern Maine, including the Portland area and York County. So if you are looking to hire entertainment for your party, including weddings, showers, bachelor parties, anniversaries, you name it, I am available to perform my own unique styling on stage hypnosis. Yes, you will be influenced by the power of my voice.

My standard show styling is fun for all. It is suitable for and entertaining for all ages. No one is embarrassed or is made to do anything they wouldn’t want to do. However, for more adult scenarios, I can do a racier show, as racy as you want it.

I will shortly be creating a page just for stage hypnosis shows with photos, video clips, and other fun and useful information. But meanwhile, if you are interested you can call me by clicking the button on the right sidebar. Or you can call me on my cell phone at 207-730-8026.

The power of the mind vs the power of positive thinking

In my opinion the power of positive thinking by itself is greatly overrated. I think that the usefulness of positive thinking is that it helps a person to see more options, set reasonable goals, and make positive choices toward achieving their goals than if they felt trapped, stuck in a run with no options.

I am opposed to the idea that simply thinking positively attracts good outcomes and thinking negatively attracts bad ones à la The Secret. It is so often used this way as an excuse to blame the victim rather than help people who need specific types of help (beyond thinking positively). I know too many women who have resolved to think positively when what they needed was to make good business, money, and relationship decisions, etc. When thinking positively and making no changes doesn’t produce positive results, they simply blame themselves for not thinking positively enough.

The idea that positive thinking alone will attract positive outcomes seems too much like a magical concept to me, and I really don’t believe we should put too much faith in the supernatural fixing our lives for us.

Somewhere in the cycle a person may decide what they need to do is to try harder, even though the strategy they are using is likely one that has only resulted in failure in the past.

So what to do? It is true that positive thinking can lead one to take the steps that lead to success, which leads to success, and inevitably more positive thinking. This would be illustrated as such:

The cycle of positive thinking

which we obviously prefer to this:

The cycle of negative thinking

But you can see by looking that there is no starting or end point. What can happen is that any small success will lead directly to more positive thinking, better planning, and successful carrying out of plans, thus, breaking the cycle.

The spiral of positive thinking

Any point in the cycle is a point where change can occur. And through the use of hypnosis and NLP you can use the power of your subconscious mind to break out of that cycle, to find positive options and success.


Are you feeling stressed out and in need of a good long vacation, but you just can’t take the time or afford to pay for it? Have I got a concept for you!

Give me a call or come see me for a “hypnovacation”. A hypnovacation is a wonderfully relaxing trance where you experience the imagery of a vacation at a tropical resort, the mountains, your favorite faraway destination…

It’s like a cross between travel writing and hypnosis. But the best part is, the feeling can stay with you long after the session is ended.

If you’ve never been hypnotized before, it may take a full session to take you into trance and give you suggestions that will help you go down quickly, deeply, and easily. But after that, it is simply a session—a visit or a phone call—you can schedule during your lunch hour, and still have time to eat lunch!

Hypnosis can be both therapeutic and entertaining. There’s no better therapy than a vacation when you need one, now is there?

Now breathe deep…

As you gaze at the photo, imagine the feeling of being on the beach, kissed by the sun, the warm sand and water. Close your eyes….


Doesn’t that feel better already?

“Hypnosis” vs. “Trance”

Some hypnotists or therapists like to differentiate between “hypnosis” and “trance”. For the casual reader, there is no need to be concerned about what may at time seem like academic issues. But of course, you are interested, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

It is often said that you go into “hypnosis” several or even many times a day. An example given is “highway hypnosis”, where while concentrating on nothing but driving, you suddenly come to the realization that you have perhaps half an hour of time and are “suddenly” many miles from where you were when you last recollected.

Now you were certainly in a trance. But hypnosis is a highly suggestible state of heightened awareness, and it certainly can’t be said that you were being fed suggestions by anyone during that time period, nor that you were especially aware of very much.

Even during a daydream you go into a trance-like state. I’m sure we all recall times in school when we zoned out in class while in an intense daydream, afterwards remembering none of what was being taught, whether we got away with not paying attention or were caught. That doesn’t sound like very effective suggestiblity to me, nor of heightened awareness.

Many hypnotists make a point of putting people into a trance, which is accompanied by a hypnotic state. Others feel it is not necessary to put people into a trance in order to bring them into a hypnotically suggestible state. Master hypnotist Jeffrey Stephens, who does rapid inductions for hypnosis, feels it is counterproductive, and that a relaxed state would just make it take longer to wake the client up and send them on their way afterwards.

Many people enjoy the trance state and find it pleasurable in itself. Hypnosis is not just therapy, but also serves as entertainment, both on stage and in private sessions. Check out my hypnovacations sometime to see.

Sleep issues and hypnosis

Having a touch of insomnia? Feeling unaccountably sleepy during the day at times? Or perhaps you stayed up a little later than you should have and you just can’t get your head clear. Need a nap but just can’t seem to fall asleep?

Don’t want to take strong drugs? Perhaps you’ve tried them and found the sleep you got left you feeling unrested.

The obvious solution to avoid disrupted sleep patterns is of course, to be completely regular in your sleep habits. But in modern life, there are just so many things that can come up, and next thing you know you’re either wide awake when it’s time to go to bed or sleepy when you’re in no position to go to sleep.

A regular phone customer of mine contacted me because he needed a 20 minute nap today. He calls me often when he is tired and can’t sleep, or when he needs to wake up. This is the same guy who IM’d me from Tashkent to help him with his jet lag.

I put him easily into hypnosis and suggested to him that he would go into an incredibly restful 20 minute nap, and he did.

alarm clock

If you need help with sleep, you can call me. It may take a session or two for us both to get a feel for your “hypnotic personality”, how you are wired and how easily you can go into a trance. But after that, a session to help you get to sleep or wake up can be quick. See how easy it is to get over minor sleep issues!

Just a spiral

I like to create spirals with various software programs I have. I know people who like to look at spirals, gaze into them, finding them hypnotically attractive to their eyes, feeling themselves perhaps even pulled in, drawn down…

Here’s a spiral I just created using Xara Designer Pro and Swishmax 4. Enjoy!


Check back often to look for new spirals images.

Already you are feeling very relaxed