Stage Hypnosis in Southern Maine

Just a note: Now I do stage hypnosis in Southern Maine, including the Portland area and York County. So if you are looking to hire entertainment for your party, including weddings, showers, bachelor parties, anniversaries, you name it, I am available to perform my own unique styling on stage hypnosis. Yes, you will be influenced by the power of my voice.

My standard show styling is fun for all. It is suitable for and entertaining for all ages. No one is embarrassed or is made to do anything they wouldn’t want to do. However, for more adult scenarios, I can do a racier show, as racy as you want it.

I will shortly be creating a page just for stage hypnosis shows with photos, video clips, and other fun and useful information. But meanwhile, if you are interested you can call me by clicking the button on the right sidebar. Or you can call me on my cell phone at 207-730-8026.

One thought on “Stage Hypnosis in Southern Maine”

  1. Stage hypnosis is one of those mysterious and tricky things that everyone wants to learn. Who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention and make members of the audience cheer in awe when someone is told to cluck like a chicken around the stage?

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