Hypnosis for Food Aversions

I recently read that being a picky eater is now considered a disorder. The story got lots of comments from readers who exchanged stories about their various unusual food preferences, from outright refusal to eat certain or most foods to being unable to eat foods that have touched other foods on their plates.

Some of them mentioned having come from families that had numerous similarly picky eaters. My own ex-husband came from a family where the kids apparently modeled their likes and dislikes around the preferences of their father, disliking foods he had declared were inedible, without any of them ever having tried them. Others mentioned some incident from their childhood (or more recently) that turned them off to a specific food. Most said nothing about the origin of their eating habits.

Scientists have speculated that supertasters – people who taste everything much more strongly than non-supertasters do – have a natural aversion to strong flavors. I don’t know how well this has been tested, so I can’t comment on it. But I have known quite a few people who recall the original incident that led to them being averse to a certain food, and the incident may have had nothing to do with the specific food than that it was present at the time.

Of course, in times when famines were expected to happen periodically, being a picky eater who refused to eat many or most common foods might have led to death from starvation were those the only foods that were available for an extended period of time. Since this is a habit that would decrease the likelihood of survival, it is less likely that being a seriously picky eater is inherited than acquired. Only the wealthy could be sure to survive such a famine.

However, nowadays many people seem to take their highly restricted eating habits as a point of pride, which would indicate it is even more likely that the frequency of picky eaters is a reflection of food abundance in our times.

In any discussion of this with a fan of hypnosis who I chat with, he mentioned that he was a picky eater and found it very inconvenient, and would like to change so he would not feel so restricted when eating with other people. He did have quite a few aversions, and over a period of several telephone sessions we worked on them to desensitize him from them through the use of NLP. The interesting thing about it was that when we would concentrate on one aversion, he would start to have memories take him back to the original time he ate this and hated it. It did turn out that feeling powerless as a small child and being defiant to adults in his early life was clearly a factor in several of his aversions.

raspberry peach pie

I can’t say for sure he is going to eat or like the foods we worked on. It is perfectly normal to have foods you don’t like. But we got rid of any emotional or physical response to the idea of eating those foods. He is now able to think about eating those foods without feeling disgusted. I expect we will have a hypnosis session in the near future to tie up loose ends. Perhaps we will go out to eat and try those foods he didn’t used to like.

Are food aversions making things difficult for you? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can change in a session or two, and it will take hardly any effort on your part. Shoot me an email or IM, or click the button in the sidebar for a quick consultation.

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  1. Hi there:
    I am 57 years old and have an aversion to most vegetables and all fruit. I know the origin (powerless child stuff, with force-feeding by parents thrown in). This has been socially inhibiting, unhealthy and now on top I am gaining middle-age weight. I have been to consuling for this several times, no improvement. Do I sound like I can be helped via hypnosis? Thanks, Janice

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