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I have a weight loss blog I have just started. I’ve been losing weight steadily, and the plan is to develop a weight loss program based on the strategies that have worked for me. As a person who has been overweight most of my life, I think I am one of the most resistant losers imaginable. But I’m losing weight. I haven’t been this thin in many years.

It’s not about control. It’s not about will-power. It’s not about strict dieting or exercise programs. It’s about turning you into a person who thinks like a thin person, and therefore eats like a thin person. I will be posting as I am able. Next: Growing up plump.

2 thoughts on “My weight loss blog”

  1. The article about conversational hypnosis really answered some of the question I had about the topic.
    I also run a website that discuses weight loss that may be of interest that I’d love to share with you.

  2. Exactly. There are many cases where people don’t get satisfaction from their weight loss programs. I say start thinking you are loosing weight and you will actually start loosing it. This is all a mind game. :)


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